The Photographer - Paul Lengyell

If you have an Event or Business Product photo need, you can rely on me to complete the task and provide you with images of high quality. I use Canon cameras and lenses only, with the 5D Mark III and the 1D Mark IV. I have my own studio room for small product or displays, and I have access to large studios if your project requires it.

I work in Photoshop and Lightroom, with various plug-ins when needed and I continue to learn new techniques and editing skills. With the increasing options in software it is a never ending process. My digital photography  repertoire since 2008  includes Sport  photography at the highest level, which I enjoy greatly but I have chosen to cut it back greatly. As you can tell I also enjoy landscape and other types of photography which is for pleasure and down time. 

My main interest is with Business needs, Events and Family photography.

Time Lapse photography plus 360 degree & VR (Virtual Reality) options lend themselves to special business projects. I have included a Time Lapse on this page for viewing.

I am a reliable and trusted photographer capable of accomplishing most photography requirements.

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Time Lapse Installation

Product / Web-site Images

Parts Storage Room

Images for your web site, product, installation or company brochure are provided in any digital format you may require plus we will provide framed photos as well. 

Wall Art

Monument Valley

A variety of prints are available for your office or home art collection. Standard paper prints, Metalic paper, Giclee prints, plus prints on Metal and Canvas. Although all images can be done in Panoramic, there are some selected prints which lend themselves to the Panoramic format. Otherwise some panoramic will require more cropping.

For some fun you can also get mugs, puzzles, playing cards, post cards, gift cards and more, all with the photo of your choice printed on it.


Tour de White Rock

Event photography provides you with the stress free time to enjoy your event while the photographer is charged with getting the images to satisfy your needs. From Sports, to Birthdays, to Anniversaries, to Graduations and more. You can trust the job will get done. A maximum number of digital images will be provided plus some framed prints as well.

                                  Contact me for pricing of your event.



Perhaps all you are looking for are some good, natural looking photos of yourself or the family. 

Studio,  Indoor or existing lighting options are available, but if you are on a budget, existing lighting is the way to go.

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